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Acting Reviews in Austrian Press:

'Komödiantisch superb' - DER STANDARD

(superbly comedic)

'Großartig komisch und überzeugend' - Orpheus Oper Magazin

(splendidly funny and convincing) 

'Christoph Stocker gibt einen kugelrunden Mondkönig mit viel Spielwitz' - KURIER

(with strong witty playfulness)

'Frau Luna wird von dem kugelrunden König Kosmos herrlich komisch Christoph Stocker beherrscht' - DIE PRESSE

(gorgeously comedic)

'...eigentlich gertenschlanke Christoph Stocker im Fatsuit als kugelrunder Herrscher mit Spielwitz den Mond regiert.' - AUSTRIAN PRESS AGENCY

(the slim Christoph Stocker plays wittily the fat moon king)



His was the most magical Puck I have ever seen, and I have now seen many. He was athletic, graceful, swift, gymnastic and creative in moving about the stage. It was impossible to take one's eyes off of him as he flitted about from one section of the stage to another, often appearing to look straight into the eyes of each member of the audience - we were truly mesmerized. And all the while that he was doing this he was speaking his lines with ease and in perfect Shakespearean rhythm. Rayna (Campbell, the director) told me that after she had given him some general directions on where he should be and when, the rest was up to Christoph; he was his own choreographer. He was spectacular! 


by Felix Grossman

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees

@ The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

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